India’s Techies, Data Professionals Financially Benefit from Big Data

Big Data

An Information Technology Laboratory in India / Photo by: Mohitt via Wikimedia Commons


As more Indian companies are looking toward leveraging big data for different facets of their businesses, analytics and data science professionals are enjoying the heyday, reports Quartz India.

According to a recent study, the annual salary of data analysts in India rose to 8 percent year on year to an estimated $19,000 or Rs 12.7 lakh. This was based on a 2017 salary range alone, said data science online publisher Analytics India Magazine and Gurugram-based training and education platform Great Learning. They claimed that the number of data experts who are earning more than Rs 15 lakh in a year also increased by 21 percent. In 2016, the increase was by 17 percent.

About 40 percent of these Indian experts earn a yearly salary of more than Rs 10 lakh, Quartz claimed.

The recent study reportedly gathered information from company websites, salary aggregators, job portals, and their interaction with analytics recruiters, companies, and professionals.

The data analytics jobs that they have included in their study are those involved in predictive modeling, data mining, and engineers specializing in big data. Jobs in these areas require knowledge of computer programming languages, such as Hadoop, Python, and R, among others.

The increase in the salaries of Indian data professionals starts when a majority of the engineering talent in the country struggles to maintain their jobs, said the daily.