Robot Milker Launched in the Netherlands, Offers Smart Dairy Farming


Lely Astronaut milk robot. Photo via Wikimedia Commons


Lely, a company based in the Netherlands that provides advice and solutions on how people can run a dairy farm smartly, has unveiled its new Astronaut A5 machine that functions as a robotic milker.

Hoping to make farmer’s lives easier with their innovative solutions, the company shares that the technology was designed after observing the cow-machine interaction and the feedback from farmers using the robot. Lely claims that Astronaut A5 will help create a “stress-free” milking process for both the farmers and their cows.

The company states that “healthy and stress-free cows mean more milk in the tank.” Using the robot A5, cow comfort is reportedly improved because there is a new hybrid arm that is energy efficient, more accurate, faster, and silent. The result is consistent milking, they claimed. 

Lely also pointed out the robot was created to follow every moment of the cow during the milking procedure, staying close to the udder or the mammary gland of the female animal. If there is unexpected movement, the robot quickly corrects on its own.

The robot also has a Teat Detection System that further improves the post-milking spraying of the teat. It conducts a pre-scanning of the udder before spraying to limit the contamination risk and ensure optimal hygiene of the udder.