Mozilla’s 2018 Internet Health Report Highlights Importance of Securing IoT


Internet Of Things Connection Cloud. Photo by Jeferrb via Pixabay


Mozilla has recently released an Internet Health Report that highlights how the spread of IoT devices can pose a problem of security and privacy. 

In a report that documents what is currently helping and hurting the Internet, Mozilla noted that people purchase things and connect them to the Internet without even thinking of ways to secure them. Light bulbs, kitchen appliances, and fitness trackers are only some of these examples, they say. The company reminds the public that IoT devices have been used in the past for massive web attacks, wherein large portions of the Internet shut down due to a bug that took advantage of devices that were not secure.

Mozilla claims that this year, we will be watched, listened to, recorded, and recognized by phones, cameras and digital assistants like never before. As data will be gathered, it may be vulnerable to breaches and hacks. That is why automatic software updates should be a must.

“IoT is growing faster and bigger than we could have imagined,” reads the report. One of the great opportunities for advocacy would be in the home and for people to become smarter consumers, It especially recommends this to parents on behalf of their children who need to be protected from the toys that may contain hidden data recorders, cameras, and microphones.