Spotify Rumored to Roll Out an In-Car Music Controller Soon


Car radio. Photo by Nick Richards via


Music streaming firm Spotify may soon reveal an in-car music controller, published the Inquirer.

According to the daily, various Spotify users said that they have received messages of offers for them to pre-order a device and then put it on their vehicles, allowing them to play Spotify in the car. Spotify even said that they will be holding an event in New York on April 24 to announce something that is newsworthy, which the Inquirer team suspects to be the rumored in-car device.

One Reddit user on a Spotify community forum previously shared, “Today when opening Spotify I got an offer to preorder a device to put in my vehicle that would play Spotify in my car.” Then the user asked if it was a trial deal only. Others commented that they also got the same message and are wondering about the offer. An image of what appears like an in-car controller also popped up on the message but it has already been deleted.

Spotify remains tight-lipped about the whole thing. However, the Inquirer claims that they have also encountered the same premature semi unveilings and leaks before and they reckon that the rumors are true. 

Recently, Spotify Technology SA is tweaking a free service in order to make their app easier to use via mobile phones as their way to attract a large number of new listeners, reports Bloomberg.