Facebook to Offer $40,000 Bounty for Big Data Leak Catchers

Big Data

Facebook. Photo by Geralt via Pixabay


Facebook announced a data abuse bounty program to reward people who will find cases of data abuse on its social networking site. It said that it is willing to pay at least $40,000 to those who can find large data leaks.

Facebook’s chief security officer Alex Stamos said that the program will help them find data abuse cases and will assist them to bring to the surface more events like the one involving Cambridge Analytica so that they will have the knowledge about it first for immediate action.

The social network company said that to submit the report, the person must have a direct first-hand knowledge of the facts showing that the data collected by the FB platform app has been delivered to another party.  They will also have a data abuse and bug bounty team to make a careful examination of the evidence submitted to the company. In order to be rewarded, there should be at least 10,000 Facebook users that are affected. It means that the data was not just collected, but abused, reports CNBC.

“We recognize and reward individuals who help us to keep users' data safe by reporting abuses in our platform,” the Data Abuse Bounty Program terms read.

The social media giant also emphasized that only Facebook is included in the program for now, not its other platforms like the photo and video-sharing service, Instagram.