Twitter Vows to Increase Transparency in Political Ads

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Twitter logo. Photo by Joshborup via Pixabay


Twitter pledged that it will support the proposed Senate bill called Honest Ads Act. It is a bill created to promote regulation of campaign ads online by technology companies. This will also require them to disclose the amount of money paid and the source of said political ads.

Twitter Public Policy, the voice of the company’s global public policy team, posted on their platform that “Twitter is pleased to support the Honest Ads Act.” It adds that back in fall, they have already indicated the support for the proposals so that it will increase the transparency in political advertisements. The company also claimed that they believe the Honest Ads Act will provide the right framework for such types of ads.

Twitter Inc. is now following Facebook which announced last week that it will make a critical change to its political advertisement policies in the light of the ongoing data privacy scandal involving Cambridge Analytica. As part of its transparency efforts, Twitter will also launch the Ads Transparency Center. ATC will reportedly go beyond the requirements of the Honest Ads Act.

The regulation of political ads online is one of the lasting effects of the Russian interference during the 2016 election in the US, wherein thousands of fake accounts were used in order to sow distrust, plant propaganda, and strip up debates on political issues among the populace, reports the Verge.