Better Phone Camera Photos via Adapter Linking Smartphone to DSLR Camera


DSLR camera lens/ Photo By CCO Public Domain via pxhere


Mobile photography has been made easier by smartphone manufacturers over the years, and most flagship models capture images and record videos at superior quality. However, professional photographers and enthusiasts still embrace the art using DSLR cameras. To help these photography lovers, Cinematic International Company Limited developed an adapter to connect a smartphone to a DSLR unit.

Upcoming Adapter to Link Smartphone to Camera Lens

Flagship smartphone models from popular brands, such as Apple, Huawei, LG, Samsung, and Sony, have boosted camera lenses and equipped them with specialty camera apps to provide high-quality images and videos. While most people are already satisfied with images captured by their phones, some want to take photography to the next level. The common solution to improve mobile photography is to link a smartphone to a camera lens.

There are several accessories designed for this function available in the market. They can easily be found in retail stores and online sellers like Amazon. Some manufacturers like Sony even sell external camera lenses that can be connected to Xperia models via wireless connection. But none of those products can conjoin a smartphone and a DSLR camera.

Cinematic International developed an adapter that can pair up the two digital devices. The adapter is a strap of Depth of Field lens connector for a smartphone case. The user needs to carefully strap the adapter to the phone to boost the camera. But doing so may not be easy an easy task, because the optics between the two devices must be lined up perfectly to work.

The good thing about this accessory is it works with all brands of smartphones since it only requires optics. The bad thing about it, as of the moment, is the unknown release date. The company has not yet announced when they will start selling the adapter.