Telecom Vodafone, Software Corporation SAP Partner to Explore India’s Industrial IoT


A Vodafone office in New Zealand / Photo by: Ingolfson via Wikimedia Commons


British telecommunications company Vodafone and German-based multinational software corporation SAP have joined forces to adopt the Industrial Internet of Things in India, reported Bloomberg.

SAP has reportedly announced the “strategic partnership” with Vodafone to develop communications solutions for various enterprises. The two have also inked a Memorandum of Understanding to work together in offering packages, including business application software, connectivity solutions, support services, and end-to-end device management.

SAP Indian Subcontinent’s Head of Innovation & Digital Strategy Group Neeraj Athalye stated that enterprises of different sizes are already seeking to make use of the new age technologies for efficiency. With that, their offerings with Vodafone will equip their customers and the business value will shift from “things to outcomes.”

In its announcement last month in Germany, SAP detailed that the new solution will help customers gain returns on their investments on IoT quicker. Vodafone’s IoT Director Erik Brenneis said that the success in the IoT market will be built on partnerships and as they work with SAP, this will enable them to take advantage from the IoT easily and quickly.

SAP’s Head of IoT GTM Nayaki Nayyar also remarked, “SAP is building a strong ecosystem of key partners in the IoT space.” Nayyar continued that their collaboration with Vodafone allowed them to provide a feature-rich and seamless way for their customers to get the most out of their Internet of Things data.