Huawei May Beat Samsung in Release of First Foldable Smartphone in November


Huawei Store. Photo via


Chinese telecom equipment company Huawei may beat Samsung in the release of the world’s first foldable smartphone. They plan to announce their foldable phone this November, according to CNET.

While Samsung was first rumored to be working on the idea of making a foldable smartphone, Huawei is reportedly going to beat its rival company. Being the third-largest phone marker in the world, Huawei’s win to release the first foldable smartphone also represents the opportunity to beat the other top phone makers in the world.

Huawei’s foldable phone will reportedly utilize LG Display’s flexible screens, while Samsung’s folding phone is rumored to use flexible OLED display technology.

This is probably Huawei's best comeback from the US government's recent action regarding security concerns in buying Huawei products which caused major retailer BestBuy and US carriers to suddenly pull their support for the Chinese phone maker, said the daily. However, despite the confusion, a spokesman of Huawei said that they have earned the trust of their partners from different value chains in the rest of the world.

Samsung’s mobile president DJ Koh told the reporters last year that they are expecting a foldable Galaxy phone in 2018. He said that once the company has already surmounted “some problems,” they will be ready to launch the product, though he did not say what these problems were. In 2013, Samsung also showcased a flexible phone display prototype.