Instagram Allows Users to Extract Copy of Their Posted Content

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Instragram application. Photo by Francisco Fernandez via


Instagram announced that it will allow users to download their personal data, such as previously shared videos, messages, and photos, in preparation for the General Data Protection Regulation.

As its parent company Facebook announced various GDPR controls, which CEO Mark Zuckerberg mentioned during his testimony in the US Congress, Instagram has been keeping quiet regarding the issue. 

GDPR carries a number of rights for the users, such as to demand the deletion of information, to view personal data that the company gathered, to not opt for future data collection, and to download the data in a format that can be transferred to a competing image social network platform. These requirements were confirmed by an Instagram spokesperson in a message to the American online publisher, TechCrunch.

“You’ll soon be able to download a copy of what you’ve shared on Instagram,” the Instagram spokesperson reportedly claims, hinting at a data portability tool.

The new tool will be useful for Instagram users who want to collect all the information that they have uploaded in the photo and video-sharing social networking service. 

It remains unclear though whether Instagram will include information of the advertising profiling as part of the data download. 

GDPR will take effect on May 25, which means that there may be a series of announcements like this option provided by Instagram.