Google Rumored to Be Preparing Ethics Code on the Usage of Its Tech

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Google logo. Photo by Carlos Luna via


Google is reportedly preparing the ethical principles that will guide the use of its technology. This was after its employees voiced out their opposition to its partnership with the US Department of Defense in using AI technology for military purposes, reported US national security news provider, Defense One.

During a company meeting, Google cloud leader Diane Greene reportedly informed the employees that the company is already drafting the said ethical principles. She also expressed her regret that the company had no such guideline in place before it agreed to commit to assisting the so-called “Project Maven” -- a research initiative to create AI that will analyze drone footage.

Greene said at the town hall meeting that the ethical principles or the internal guidelines for Google need to be in place before they commit to any work in connection or similar to the Maven project. She also reiterated that Google is not going to develop “weapons” for the Pentagon.

Defense One also reported that the search engine giant is quietly pursuing the enormous cloud contract with the Defense Department. The deal, said to be worth $10 billion, could make a difference for a smaller cloud provider, such as Google or Oracle, as compared to Amazon that is known as a leader in the cloud computing infrastructure. The DoD spokesperson US Navy Commander Patrick Evans said that they have not pre-selected a company yet for the said deal and that they have no favorites, but that they only want what would be the best solution for their department.