Japan Package Travel Tips

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Japan map and flag on the background. / Photo by: Geralt via Pixabay


Japan is an island country found in East Asia. It is made up of a string of islands in the northeast-southwest arc that extends for approximately 2,400 km or 1,500 miles through the Pacific Ocean. Japan is also known because of comics, anime, fashion, food, and culture.

Do I Need to Know How to Speak Japanese?

Inside a Japanese Manga bookstore. / Photo by: Bobby via Wikimedia Commons


If it is your first time to travel in Japan, the Japanese language is probably one of your major considerations. But really, how hard is it to travel the country without knowing Japanese? Well, it is not really a potential problem or a big issue as you may fear now. While it goes without saying that  Japanese is their predominant language, English is also taught in their schools. That is why some people you may meet are also interested to converse with you in English. However, there are some Japanese people who may not be comfortable with the everyday English, especially in the smaller towns that don’t often get Western tourists. In large tourist centers, like Kyoto and Tokyo, English is common.

What is an Ideal Japan Travel Package?

Skyline of Minato and Shibuya wards in Tokyo. / Photo by: Getty Images


Unlike other destinations in Asia, Japan is not so much affordable but it can still be an ideal place for budget travelers. There are various Japan travel packages that you can avail. A $450 USD per week is possible for a budget traveler, staying in hostel dorm beds and eating breakfast in Family Marts or 7-Eleven’s. For a mid-range traveler, the $850 USD per week will allow you to stay in not fancy but comfortable hotels.

Compare Different Japan Travel Packages

A tourist bus in Japan. / Photo by: Getty Images


There are many Japan travel packages that you can choose from. Aside from the ones mentioned above, a high-end tourist may travel Japan spending $2,000 USD every week. However, you can also compare with other travel agencies and search for other ways to determine how you can spend your money on every portion of your trip.

3 days / 4 nights Japan travel package 

Downtown Nagoya. / Photo by: Getty Images


The most popular options for travelers are for 3 days / 4 nights Japan travel package or the Japan 2-night 3-day tour package. Either way, find one that will be suitable for your schedule or the people you travel with. The travel agency you choose usually provides you the schedule or you can customize it for your own comfort. Just make sure that you see the well-known Japan destinations.

Top Japan Destinations

Dotonbori area in Osaka. / Photo by: Getty Images


There are many popular Japan destinations. Japan’s capital Tokyo, for instance, offers, fresh experiences and insatiable feast. There are rooftop restaurants, skyscrapers, and panoramas to see. You can also visit Kyoto that pictures ancient Japan with different World Heritage Sites located in the city. Also visit Hiroshima, Nara, Okinawa, Osaka, and Shirakawa-gō and Gokayama.

Japanese Hot Spring Package Tour

An onsen in Beppu, Oita Prefecture, Japan. / Photo by: Mkill via Wikimedia Commons


Your Japanese trip will not be complete without trying Japan’s hot springs.  In Japan, it used to be a sacred place for them were people can cure their diseases and injuries when they have little medication. For a good Japanese hot spring package tour, you may include on your list the following:

-Hakone Onsen
-Kusatsu Onsen
-Yufuin Onsen
-Noboribetsu Onsen
-Beppu Onsen