Tokyo Travel: A Guide to Roppongi Sightseeing

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Roppongi skyline at night. / Photo by: Lukas via Wikimedia Commons


Roppongi is a district in Tokyo that is popular for its nightlife district. It is attractive to foreigners because of the number of tourist-friendly bars, nightclubs, and restaurants.

Roppongi, Tokyo: The Lively Entertainment District

TV Asahi, one of Japan's largest TV networks is located in Roppongi. / Photo by: Archs via Wikimedia Commons


Roppongi, Tokyo and the nearby districts of Akasaka, Hiroo, and Azabu are homes to various embassies. From these three districts, you will see a large community of expats. Two of the largest recent development projects of Tokyo are Tokyo Midtown and the Roppongi Hills. The development of these two has created a difference in the face of the district, expanding the appeal of Roppongi to residents and visitors because of the residential, leisure, and retail spaces.

Roppongi Hills: Symbol of Japan’s IT Industry

Roppongi Hills skyline. / Photo by: Shampoorobot via Wikimedia Commons


Roppongi Hills is one of an ideal example of a city located inside a city. It is one of the largest integrated property developments of Japan that comprises offices, shops, apartments, hotel, restaurants, observation deck, museum, and more. 

In the office floors, you will see leading companies from the financial sectors and in the IT field. Today, Roppongi Hills is a symbol of the IT industry of Japan.

Roppongi Restaurants and Food Choices

Nanxiang Chinese restaurant in Roppongi. / Photo by: Luckypines via Wikimedia Commons


The district is also famous because of its many Roppongi restaurants. These restaurants provide a vast range of food choices, such as pizza, kebabs, takoyaki, and sushi. Roppongi is even a home to many sushi bars that offer lunch menus at low prices. One example is their Sushi Hattori.

If you want to limit within Japanese cuisine, there is the Gindaco branch situated near the Roppongi Crossing for octopus balls - always filling. However, if you opt for an international chow, go for Asian Kebab that is also popular for its delicious taste.

Roppongi Museums and Convention Centers

Mori Art Museum entrance. / Photo by: Matt Lucht via Wikimedia Commons


Roppongi is a hotbed of culture and art. There are Roppongi museums and convention centers that you can visit, including the Mori Arts Center Gallery and the Mori Art Museum. These host various exhibits. There are also big events, such as the Roppongi Art Night.

Famous Nightlife Japan Tokyo Clubs

A DJ at a nightclub in Roppongi. / Photo by: Dat via Flickr


There is no doubt that the district is famous for its nightlife activities. That is why you may visit the western-style clubs, jazz venues, and upscale bars. While Japan Tokyo clubs are generally safe, just be prepared that the place can get rather crowded and loud at night. Among the best clubs in the Roppongi are:

-V2 TOKYO at V Square, Roppongi 
-Esprit Tokyo
-Club Brand Tokyo
-Le Baron de Paris
-Cat's Tokyo
-Roppongi KENTO'S

You can also try out other clubs in Japan, such as in Shibuya and in Shinjuku.

What to Add to Your Roppongi Sightseeing List

Roppongi Midtown in the morning. / Photo by: Guilhem Vellut via Flickr


To complete your Roppongi sightseeing trip, visit the Roppongi Midtown Area. This is located right outside the Roppongi Station, where you can see the iconic Roppongi Crossing landmark. A little further to the west, you will see the Tokyo Midtown that is a popular restaurant and shopping destination.

Drop by the Roppongi Gaien Higashi Street that is famous also for its active nightlife, bars, and clubs. Jumanji 55 is also worth to be added to your sightseeing list.