Cebu Travel Tips: Getting There and General Info

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Lapu- Lapu Monument in Cebu, Philippines. / Photo by: Rjruiziii via Wiki


Traveling to the Philippines anytime soon? You may plan on heading to Cebu, the capital of the Southern Philippines and is known as a bustling metropolis. The city is also a cosmopolitan to an increasing English-language school industry. Many Chinese and Koreans study here.

What Cebu City, Philippines Has to Offer

Skyline of Cebu City. / Photo by: P199 via Wikimedia Commons


Cebu City, Philippines offer some colonial-era gems despite slim historic sights. The traffic is also notorious in the area, but you will still find many activities to do in the place. The city’s energy is also infectious because of the clubs and bars, making dining a delight with many choices of restaurants. 

Usual Cebu Weather and Climate

Magellan's Cross, Cebu City. / Photo by: Constantine Agustin via Flickr


Cebuanos, the people of Cebu, are blessed to live in a well-protected area. It is an island with a tropical climate so there is no need to worry about buying extra clothes for cold weather. The Cebu weather is normal. Travelers don’t have to be concerned about a tornado, huge tsunamis, volcanoes erupting, and other major natural calamities. Because of such weather, many tourist flocks to the city because of the warm weather all throughout the year. Rainfall is not that high in this region.

Popular Cebu Fruits to Try

Mangoes at a market in Cebu. / Photo by: Oyvind Holmstad via Wikimedia Commons


Because the Philippines is a tropical land, there are many Cebu fruits that you can enjoy. Mango is popular in Cebu because of its great sources of Vitamin D, C, and A.They also have a pineapple that is an exceptional source of dietary fiber, thiamine, and Vitamins B and C.

Philippines Travel to Cebu: How to Get There

Cebu Pacific, one of the flagship airlines of the Philippines. / Photo by: Maksim Kozlenko via Wikimedia Commons


From the capital city of Philippines, Manila, you can visit Cebu by a ferry or bus. Reach the Buendia MRT Station. From there, you can ride a bus that’s going to Batangas. From Batangas Pier, you can ride a ferry going to Cebu.

For an easy Philippines travel to Cebu, you may also consider a flight from Manila airport to Cebu.

Detailed Shopping List

One of the best pastries in Cebu, the otap pastry. / Photo by: Obsidian Soul via Wikimedia Commons


You can buy dried mangoes in Cebu. Although there are many firms manufacturing dried mangoes in the Philippines, Cebu still offers the best and the first source of this delicious and healthy snack. Also, include in your detailed shopping list the flaky and crispy biscuit called Otap. Cebu offers take-home delicacies for locals and tourists. You may additionally choose to shop for Rosquillos, Masareal, Shirts, and Lapu-Lapu guitars.

Prepare a Detailed Travel Plan Before the Visit

Mactan Cebu International Airport departure area. / Photo by: Magalhaes via Wikimedia Commons


For travelers, it really pays during your travel if you have a map and a detailed travel plan. Check out online for a sample travel itinerary going to Cebu, Philippines so that you can make the most out of your stay. Consider also your travel timeframe and a travel wish list so that you can go to places that you wanted to visit.