Facebook User Broadcasts Live Suicide


Tennessee man set himself on fire on Facebook Live.

A Facebook user from Memphis, Tennessee set himself on fire in an apparent suicide attempt while broadcasting on Facebook's Facebook Live video streaming service.

The man ran into a crowded bar after broadcasting himself pouring kerosene on his body and sets himself on fire. Patrons at Murphy's Bar called emergency services but they arrived too late to save the victim, local musician Jared McLemore. McLemore was reportedly on fire from head to foot when he entered the bar. He died of severe burns at a local hospital.

McLemore is believed to have entered that specific bar because his ex-girlfriend worked there. McLemore had threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend, court records show, and last month was sentenced to probation for domestic assault.

"It was the most horrific thing I've seen," said witness Kim Koehler.

The equipment of McLemore's ex, an audio engineer, was damaged in the fire. The local community quickly raised more than $18,000 to replace the equipment and to pay for her trauma therapy.

"Jared was our child, brother, nephew, cousin and friend and we loved him immensely," said McLemore's family in a statement. "He has been struggling with bipolar disorder for 19 years and was in active treatment. Please let him rest in peace."