Natural Treatments and Causes of Leg Numbness

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Standing or sitting in the same position for a long period of time may cause you to feel leg numbness. However, this tingling or numbness is actually abnormal sensations that can occur anywhere in the body and there may be various causes why it happens.  

Understanding More About Leg Numbness

Tingling or numbness are the unusual prickling sensations that may affect in any part of the body. Generally, this sensation is felt in legs, arms, feet, and hands. If numbness persists for a long time and there is no obvious cause, it may be a sign of an injury or disease, such as carpal tunnel syndrome or multiple sclerosis. 

The normal cause of leg numbness, for instance, is standing or sitting in one position for a long time. It is an example where the blood flow was cut off to the affected area for a certain time, causing the numbness.


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The Leg Numbness Symptoms

Aside from numbness, there are other symptoms and sensations that accompany leg numbness. It includes the burning sensation, tingling, pins-and-needles or prickling sensation, anxiety, itchiness, and pain in the lower back. The leg numbness symptoms may also include muscle spasms, rash, sensitivity to touch, paralysis, slurred speech, bowel or bladder problems, trouble with coordination, breathing difficulties, confusion, and urinating frequently.


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List of Leg Numbness Causes

There are various possible causes of the tingling and numbness in the legs. It includes:

-standing or sitting in the same position for long periods
-injuring the nerve, pressure on the peripheral nerves from the enlarged blood vessels,  infection, scar tissue, or tumors
-pressure on the spine nerves
-herpes zoster or shingles infection
-abnormal level of potassium, sodium, or calcium in the body
-lack of vitamins, especially vitamin B12
-use of particular medicines
-nerve damage due to tobacco, alcohol, or from the chemo drugs

The other leg numbness causes are animal bites, radiation therapy, insect, mite, tick, or spider bites, congenital conditions affecting the nerves, or seafood toxins.


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Leg Numbness Diagnosis - How is it Diagnosed?

The doctor will usually request for the patient’s full history. Diagnosing the condition also requires that all the symptoms should be reported even though they may not seem related. For instance, if one has been exposed to a recent infection, vaccinations or injuries.

After the physical exam, a doctor may order for more tests. The leg numbness diagnosis may also involve electrolyte level testing, toxicology screening, nerve conduction studies, and thyroid function testing.


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What to Do to Improve Leg Blood Circulation

There are simple ways you can do to boost your circulation every day. For instance, drinking tea, eating more iron-rich foods, monitoring your blood pressure and weight, reducing less saturated fats in the diet, quitting cigarettes, and standing up at your desk once in a while. 

To improve leg blood circulation, you need to maintain leg-healthy habits. This means not sitting or standing too long. During the day, move around once in a while to keep the blood flowing. Also, you need to position your body that will aid circulation. How to do this? Avoid sitting while your legs are crossed because it cuts off the circulation to your legs, making it more difficult for the tissue to remain healthy. 

Wearing comfortable shoes will also increase leg circulation and so does starting an exercise routine. Try hiking, swimming, biking, running, or walking to get your legs and feet moving.


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What are the Natural Leg Numbness Treatments Available?

If the leg numbness is not due to a serious health condition, the home remedies or simple leg numbness treatment includes heat therapy or applying hot water bottle or hot compress on the affected area, consuming enough minerals and vitamins, and massage therapy. A proper message is effective to relieve symptoms and numbness. The use of essential oil in a combination of massage can help relieve the tension, both emotional and physical. Yoga, regular exercise, herbs, and elevating the leg will also be a part of the treatment.

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