Proposed Savior Mayer Couldn't Keep Yahoo Afloat.

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Proposed savior Mayer couldn't keep yahoo afloat.

Yahoo’s projected savior, Marissa Mayer, was unable to work her magic.  She took charge of the company five years ago and tried her best to bring the one-time internet leader back to prominence, -- to no avail.

Silicon Valley icon Yahoo closed a deal to sell its base internet operations to Verizon on Tuesday, June 13, and Mayer was subsequently let go.

Mayer was hired as Google’s 20th employee in 1999 and was considered s a rising star when she led efforts tocome up with hit products, including its flagship search product and homepage.  She quickly went from Product Engineer to Product Manager and then two Vice President roles of search engines and then local searches respectively.  She played a major part in increasing Google’s search rate from 100,000 per day to over a billion.

Mayer hails from Wisconsin town and attended Stanford University, where she took computer science.  She was beauty and brains personified as she became the epitome of tech-geek beauty, every now and then gracing the covers of Vanity Fair, Vogue, and Fortune.  She was named Woman of the Year by Glamour magazine and made it to other lists as an influential tech personality.

With Yahoo slowly going downhill, the tech giant leaned on her expertise, making her CEO in 2012.

She began buying everything she could, including a $1billion purchase of Tumblr a blogging platform in an attempt to find a younger audience.  Analyst Rob Enderle of Enderle Group said of acquisitions racked up at Yahoo, "Buying your way out of a problem like this is rarely going to solve your trouble."  Mayer also decided to cut over 1,000 jobs in the process. 

A recent survey reflected Mayer's fall from grace, ranking her as the second most disliked chief executive behind United Airlines’ chief. 


Source: Author: Magnus Höij