Legend of Zelda May Be Coming to Smartphones


Rumor mill reports that versions of popular franchise are under development for iOS and Android devices.

Insiders in the world of computer gaming say Nintendo is readying a version of its popular Legend of Zelda video game for mobile devices. Experts predict the simultaneous release of a Zelda-based game on Android and iPhone platforms.

Nintendo has so far released three apps for mobile platforms. Miitomo is an interactive social network with special features for gamers. Super Mario Run, based on characters from the popular Super Mario Bros. games, is intended to generate revenue by putting most of its content behind a $10 paywall. Fire Emblem Heroes, which has been announced but has not yet been released, is a free-to-play game with gacha collectibles.

The company previously announced that Animal Crossing will be released later this year, making Zelda its fifth mobile app. Also, rumored to be in the works is an unspecified digital card game.

Analysts say few users have proved that they are willing to pay $10 to play through the full Super Mario Run game, but Nintendo has a surprise hit on its hands with Fire Emblem Heroes.