San Francisco Travel Guide: Top Things to Do in San Francisco

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San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge / Photo by Frank Schulenburg via Wikimedia Commons


San Francisco, a city in California, is deemed to be a place where every neighborhood has its own personality.  It is a popular tourist attraction because of its cool summers, steep rolling hills, fog, landmarks, and its architecture.


Tips in Choosing Your San Francisco Hotel and Accommodation

Selecting among the many options of where to stay in San Francisco may be difficult. This is because there are many neighborhoods that you can choose from. To avoid the overwhelming feeling of booking for an accommodation for the first time, you can choose the San Francisco hotel or place that fits your budget and style. For kid-friendly hotels, consider the Palace Hotel in SoMA. If you want a hotel with good location on the Market Street, opt for the Four Seasons in Union Square. Other hotels include the Sheraton, Handlery Union Square, and Hotel del Sol.


Palace Hotel, Garden Court Restaurant in San Francisco California / Photo by Mark Miller via Wikimedia Commons


Consider also the accommodations in these suggested San Francisco neighborhoods: Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square or Downtown, Haight-Ashbury, North Beach, and the trendy area called The Mission.


What are the Best Things to Do in San Francisco?

There are tons of things to do in San Francisco, knowing the endless offerings of the city. To narrow down the list, consider walking across the Golden Gate Bridge. This is the world’s most photographed bridge with its iconic 746-foot tall orange towers. Visit the food mecca at the Ferry Building.


Golden Gate Bridge at night / Photo via Pixabay


Ride the cable car lines and experience the classic San Francisco. You can also take a walking tour, relax and drink in San Francisco’s brewhouses. You can also catch a sports game.


What are the Other Top Places to Visit in San Francisco?

Tour Alcatraz should be included in your list. This is a former federal prison that will provide you with the historical context of the island. Among the best places to visit in San Francisco is the palace of fine arts. It is a Roman-style remnant. Its lagoon or the outdoor rotunda is also one of the most photographed attractions. Enjoy a walk around the lagoon or have a picnic on the green grass.


Alcatraz island / Photo by rfsyzygy via Pixabay


Best San Francisco Restaurants 

There are many San Francisco restaurants that are worth visiting. Consider the Chez Panisse, for instance. It provides ingredient-driven dishes and downstairs is a prix-fixe restaurant with affordable and light-hearted cafe upstairs.


Chez Panisse café in California / Photo by Brooke Raymond via Flickr


Try out the Commis too. It is popular for its lively food scene. For a progressively modernist food, opt for Commonwealth. The other restaurants that you can visit are the following:
-State Bird Provisions
-Hong Kong Lounge II

The Typical San Francisco Travel Costs

The dorm and hostel prices range between $25-35 per night. For a private room, the price usually ranges from $70-85 per night. Budget hotel prices cost between $60-100 per night. The lower the price means that they have shared bathrooms.

The average food cost in San Francisco would be $8-12 for the cheapest option. If you will cook your own food, expect for $80 per week. This cost is for the basic foods, like rice, eggs, fruits, sandwich ingredients, and pasta.

For the San Francisco travel costs or transportation cost, the adult ticket would be $2.25. For a 1-day pass, it would be $21.


Travel planning and budgeting / Photo by asadykov via Shutterstock


San Francisco Money Saving Tips 

To save on your San Francisco travel, seek free events, such as free entertainment and exhibits of a local artist. You can often find it in Union Square. Also, use public transportation as it is not cheap to park in the city so better skip renting a car. When traveling, bring your sweater because even during summer you may still feel the cold weather. To include in the San Francisco money saving tips, consider the city Pass so you can save from the admission to several attractions.


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