Why Go to Santorini and Other Greece Travel Tips

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Oia Village at night, Santorini / Photo by Getty Images


Greece is one of the most popular tourist vacation spots all over the world. It is even included in the top 20 countries based on tourism records. There are plenty of reasons to visit Greece: the food, nightlife, beaches, views, history, language, and the widely-recognized Santorini.

Greece Capital - Why Go to Athens?

Athens is the capital of Greece. It is the nation’s largest city, followed by Thessaloniki. There are few cities that rival the Greece capital in terms of historical importance. Yet, what continues to make Athens special is that life in this place moves slowly. The entire city celebrates the blissful retreat from Athen’s glory days. It serves now as a cultural powerhouse.

Athens is also very easy to walk around. You can begin your tour from the Kallimarmaro Roman Stadium. Ten minutes of walk to the south is the Temple Olympian Zeus, where you will see gigantic columns. By night, Athens is lively and is perfect to try out their traditional dinner in the taverns of Plaka. You will also see bars all around the city if you are in for a late night drink.


Ancient Temple of Hephaestus, Athens in Greece / Photo by Getty Images


Greece Weather - Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Greece, especially its capital city, is from March to May and September to November. The Greece weather during these spring and fall season is agreeable. Not to mention that the sunshine is also much a guarantee. You can also visit Greece when the airfare deals are easier to get or you can expect that crowds are thinner. That way, you can explore the city more. If you visit Greece during the winter season, that would be between December and February. The winter is relatively mild although chilly.


March calendar, a good month to visit Greece / Photo by Publicdomainpictures.net


The Most Popular Destinations for a Romantic Honeymoon in Greece 

There are many romantic things a couple can do during their honeymoon. A honeymoon in Greece would be ideal, considering that there are plenty of romantic places in the country. The most popular place is the Santorini, where you will see white villages on an overlooking sea. 

A Greek Island honeymoon in Sifnos will also be great. Sifnos is one of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean sea and is a perfect destination for couples. The soft beaches, memorable sunsets, breathtaking views, wonderful food, and easy nightlife are all here.


Typical fishing boats in Naoussa port, Paros island, Cyclades, Greece / Photo by Getty Images


List of Beautiful Beaches in Greece

There are many beautiful beaches in Greece. It includes the Mykonos beaches with its golden sand and crystalline waters and the Lalaria Beach in Skiathos. The trademark of the island is the white pebbles and emerald water under rocks that attract boats daily.

Among the top beaches in Greece are Sarakiniko Beach, Shipwreck Bay, Kolymbithres Beach,  Canal D' Amour Beach, and the Porto Katsiki Beach.


Beautiful beach with turquoise sea water in Mykonos / Photo by Getty Images


The Average Greece Travel Costs

Depending on the area that you are traveling to in Greece, the hostel may cost 10-35 EUR per night. For private rooms, it would be 25-40 EUR.  You can also avail shared rooms in many cities or rent the entire home for a price of about 25-50 EUR.

For food, restaurants normally cost about 20 EUR if you want a nice dinner. The cost will be different if you add wine. Most cafes cost around 11 EUR per meal.

Greece travel costs or transportation expenses would be an average of 36 EUR per trip in boats and ferries. Overnight, slow ferries start is around 13 EUR.


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Greece Travel Budget Tips to Help You Get the Most of Your Journey

Eating super cheap, such as Gyros and street snacks will help you save cash but you can still feel full. You can also rent a moped to get around the place and it will be more fun to see various cities and towns than other modes of transportation. For Greece travel budget tips, get out of the popular destinations or touristy Greek Islands once in a while to make your trip cheaper. Head off the unfrequented sites in Greece and the prices usually drop by at least 30%.

If it is flexible with your schedule, you can rideshare. Couchsurfing is another way to get a free place to stay where you can meet the locals.


Greek Gyros with tzatzikii sauce and fries / Photo by Getty Images