Vodafone Initiates IoT Service for Small and Large Businesses in Ireland


Vodafone Ireland headquarters in Dublin. / Photo by: Sarah777 via Wikimedia Commons


Mobile telecom giant Vodafone is currently working on an expansion of its Internet of Things business in Ireland. The company made a partnership with the Irish mobility firm Asavie which allows Irish-based companies to access IoT Express.

IoT Express

Vodafone IoT Express is a secure, scalable SIM-based IoT connectivity that can be utilized by large and small businesses. The service enables Irish-based firms to access the global IoT network by using a single SIM. Businesses under IoT Express have access to the telecom’s IoT management tools through the Asavie PassBridge network platform. They are also supported by other services such as receiving alerts, producing reports, and activating subscriptions.

“This new offering makes it easier than ever for companies of all sizes to quickly roll out their innovative IoT projects, benefit from the advances in deployment, and gain the intelligence needed to drive their business decisions,” stated Debbie Power, IoT Country Manager at Vodafone Ireland.

Quick Solutions with Wia Platform

In addition to Asavie, Vodafone also partnered with another Irish company called Wia. The said firm provides a service platform to let users, developers, and organizations harness multiple potentials of IoT such as:

- Connecting home-based services like a security system to other devices.

- Configuring and controlling nest thermostat in residences.

- Building a weather station to read temperature and other related elements.

- Developing a home thermostat using the Arduino microcontroller platform.

- Tracking assets, inventories, and similar figures to monitor your activities.

The platform also permits users and developers to share certain details to social connections. Wia can be customized as well to fit the preferred services of every user. The Wia platform is currently being applied in at least 85 different countries around the globe and is capable of handling device management, data capture, and real-time analysis.