Travis Scott Incites a Riot - Again


Hip hop artist is arrested for encouraging fans to rush the stage, resulting in injuries.

Hip hop recording artist Travis Scott was arrested for inciting a riot at a performance in Rogers, Arkansas.

The Rogers Police Department has issued a statement saying that Scott encouraged audience members to rush the stage during his performance - bypassing security protocols and generating havoc in the venue.

Scott apparently saw available space in the general admission area near the front of the stage, so he invited audience members who were seated to come forward and dance. A security guard and a police officer were among the injured in the resulting rush of fans.

Officers met Scott as soon as he left the stage, taking him into custody and charging him with inciting a riot, endangering the welfare of a minor, and disorderly conduct. The musician was released without posting bail at about 11:30 Saturday night. He will have to return to Arkansas for his day in court.

Scott is no stranger to controversy. He was arrested for inviting fans forward at Lollapalooza in Chicago two or three years ago. When performing in New York City recently, he encouraged fans to jump down from their seats in the balconies.