Sony Mobile Confirms 5G Data, other Upgrades in Xperia Mobile Devices


Sony Experia smartphone/ Photo By Alex Ionas-Salagean via 123RF


Sony Mobile is now facing the consequences of a major problem that built up in the last three years. In that specific amount of time, the company failed to achieve sales targets for its Xperia devices. Thus, 2018, the company is staging a big comeback with plans to implement 5G technology and improve key product offerings in Xperia mobile devices.

Major Overhaul in Sony Mobile Lineup

For three consecutive years, Sony Mobile failed to succeed its financial forecast for its Xperia devices. The actual sales in 2015 were 24.9 million units, 14.6 million units in 2016, and 13.5 million units in 2017, indicating an observable pattern of lack of demand for Sony mobile products. According to the company, the main issue was the insufficiency of improvements in the product lineup.

If detailed, the absence of improvements was found in numerous aspects of Xperia devices, such as the design factor, camera technology, type of lens, sensing features, battery performance, audio enhancements, display upgrades, use of wireless data transmission, and mechatronics, which is a field of science associated with the combined influences of mechanical engineering, electronics, and computer engineering, among others.

To bring back the Xperia models to the market, the company will implement 5G data technology in upcoming devices. The 5G data transmission is intended to support the following services:

- Broadcast of sports events

- Broadcast of concerts

- Streaming support for movies

- Stable support for games

- Solutions for content production and distribution

Furthermore, the 5G support would also be applied in other Sony merchandises like BRAVIA TV, professional cameras, and other technologies including image processing.

For improving the smartphone division, Sony aims to create strategic partnerships with companies in Europe to collaborate the launch of 5G technology, integrate Sony electronics, and enrich the product lineup through entertainment. The company also targets operations-related enhancements for manufacturing, logistics, and procurement.