Fraternity Member Reveals Events About Frat Brother's Death


Kordel Davis, a member of the Beta Theta Pi fraternity, is disclosing many revelations regarding the reckless death of his fraternity brother, Timothy Piazza. His fellow 18 frat brothers have been in relevance to the passing away of Piazza.

"So when I walked into the room and I saw Timothy lying on the couch, at first I'm thinking he probably had way too much to drink, he could possibly have alcohol poisoning," Davis stated. "Everybody was surrounding him, basically laughing pointing ... Right away I started freaking out ... Tim fell and he's just lying on the couch ... If Tim fell, he does not need to be on the couch ... he needs to go to the hospital, we need to call 911." These were the words of Davis.
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ice rushed to the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house last Feb. 3 at morning. The 19-year-old varsity football player was found with no breathing and unconscious. He was laying on the floor for 12 hours like that after he stumbled down the stairs. The second year student was rushed to the hospital and was announced dead last Feb. 4 at dawn. This is according to the Centre County, Pennsylvania, grand jury investigation report, which was released on Friday.

One night last Feb. 2 Piazza did a part of a hazing ritual called as "The Gauntlet." He drank a massive amount of alcoholic beverages that day that heightened his blood alcohol content that led to his losing his life.

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