Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Variant Could Have 8 GB RAM, 516 GB Storage


Samsung Galaxy smartphone/ Photo By Pavel Byrkin via 123RF


Samsung Galaxy S9 was released with 4 GB of RAM and a maximum internal storage of 256 GB. A tweet from a tipster hinted that a variant of Galaxy Note 9 could have twice that amount.

Galaxy Note 9 Two Times Better than Galaxy S9

A tweet from @Universelce on May 26 revealed that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9 could have a variant that features 8 GB of RAM and 516 GB of internal storage -- twice as much as that of Galaxy S9. In addition, the device would likely also have an external microSD slot for more storage capacity. The rumored massive memory of the unfinished Galaxy Note also topples the 6 GB RAM of Galaxy S9 Plus.

Meanwhile, the software system Geekbench detected two new Samsung devices last month. The Samsung SM-N960N was found with 6 GB of RAM and an octa-core processor running at the base frequency of 1.79 GHz. On the other hand, the Samsung SM-N960U was seen with 4 GB of memory and eight-core CPUs clocked at 1.77 GHz. Both devices are powered with Android 8.1 OS and Exynos chipset due to the number of CPU cores, compared to the quadcore of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon.

The results from Geekbench and the reported tweet are still speculative information until Samsung decides to formally announce the upcoming Galaxy Note. Regardless, the base model of Note 9 would likely have at least 64 GB of storage and 6 GB of memory, similar to Galaxy S9 Plus. For the CPU, the international model is expected to be powered by Samsung’s Exynos, while it is the Snapdragon for the US variant.

If any variant with a larger capacity and memory is planned, the company might release it as an exclusive model for specific territories or as the special edition of the handset.