Revamped Google News App Is Smarter, More Personalized

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One of Google's buildings in Mountain View, California. / Photo by: Noah_Loverbear via Wikimedia Commons


Although Google News has a strong following among desktop users, the same cannot be said about the Google News app. But things changed when Google rolled out a brand new version of the app for Android and iOS, according to Karissa Bell, writing for Mashable. 

The Google News app is now split into four sections, namely, For You, Headlines, Favorites, and Newsstand. For You is where personalized feeds customized to a user’s interests can be found.  General overviews and where news can be browsed in different categories, such as US, World, Business, and Sports are located in Headlines. On the other hand, shortcuts to topics to be followed, such as specific stories (US midterm elections), locations or publications can be found on Favorites. Finally, Newsstand is a stream of links to specific publications organized by interests. 

Readers will also note that the Google News app is now powered by artificial intelligence, even if it is not so obvious. AI allows for a quick snapshot of the latest stories that users are likely to read based on their habits and interests.  

One of the more interesting features of the new Google News app is termed “full coverage,” which is aimed at giving a complete picture of how a news story is covered from a variety of sources. Tapping “full coverage” will generate a series of articles about a topic from various publications, as well as tweets and opinions. Full coverage may mean several or a hundred articles depending on the story. For instance, the closure of celebrity chef Mario Batali’s Las Vegas restaurants produced 18 different articles. 

Google’s aim is not just the usual news aggregation but to give readers access to trusted news sources that will pave the way for productive conversation or debate.