A Charge of 1 Million Volts Is Nothing to Old-Timer Nokia 3310


An old Nokia 3310 phone. / Photo by: Super Legendary via Wikimedia Commons


The Nokia 3310 can tolerate a charge of 1 million volts but not a smartphone that was made to undergo the same test, as shown on a YouTube video, according to Matthew Hart, writing for Nerdist. 

Such an incredible feat coming from one of the most iconic models of the pre-smartphone era is a testament to the Nokia 3310’s superb technical construction of its unbreakable body which can withstand the most extreme conditions -- indestructible is the word. As the 3310 was being subjected to such a lethal voltage, it even received a phone call but shut down due to voltage overload. Amazingly though, the 3310 started functioning again and seemed to be working fine. 

On the other hand, everything went out of control with the smartphone after a few minutes of being exposed to a million volts. It was having ghost input, with apps opening and closing and letters being pressed. Finally, the camera open and closed, and the test was discontinued because the smartphone display had stopped working. When the smartphone was opened, it was discovered that one of the controllers on the motherboard was damaged from the beating that the phone was made to endure. 

While the video cannot be judged as totally scientific, given the home-made contraption used in testing both phones, it demonstrates that cellphones from a previous era are more resistant to damage than the latest smartphones. It also does not mean that the smartphone had totally conked out and may still be repaired back to working condition.  

The Nokia 3310 model was resurrected by HMD Global, which owns Nokia, in 2017. The updated model features 4G capability and retains the memorable Snake game that cellphone users played in the 1990s.