Samsung Employs Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Robots to Improve Business

Big Data

Samsung's headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. / Photo by: Oskar Alexanderson via Wikimedia Commons


Samsung hosted the Artificial Intelligence Summit that saw the participation of 300 university students, technical experts, and academicians in discovering ways of spurring research on artificial intelligence and developing the best commercial applications of AI, according to Bernard Marr, writing for Forbes magazine.

It has Dr. Larry Heck, a prominent personality in the field of AI and voice recognition, on its research team. Speaking at the conference, Dr. Heck stressed the need for collaboration within the AI industry to promote a higher level of confidence and adoption by consumers that will allow AI to flourish. 

Samsung plans to hold more events centered on AI and to create a new center for AI research and development. 

Bixby Digital Assistant

Bixby, the AI system developed by Samsung, will allow AI to be made available on all devices including TVs, refrigerators, washers, smartphones, and other connected devices. The Korean electronics giant plans to introduce a Bixby speaker to compete with Google Home and Amazon Alexa.

All Samsung Devices to be AI-enabled by 2020

Samsung announced that every device it will manufacture by 2020 will have AI capabilities. To be able to achieve this goal, it bundled all smart programs into a new SmartThings app that will make it easier to connect and control all devices. 

8K Image Processing

Samsung is the first company to roll out 8K AI tech for television. The technology can process digital content and will automatically transform low-resolution images to 8K picture quality. It solves the dearth of high-resolution content that can be used with super-high resolution screens.

Saram Robot

The Saram robot is a humanoid robot developed by Samsung that will eventually be powered by proprietary vertical walking robot technology to allow Saram to walk stably across various surfaces.