A New E-Book Reader From Kobo


A Kobo E-Book Reader tablet. / Photo by: Maxpixel


Full-color tablets may arguably be the best medium for reading novels and other publications, but that has not stopped die-hard fans of e-book readers from being enamored with such devices because their e-ink displays are more pleasing to the eyes than backlit displays. Such a continuing love affair has prodded Rakuten Kobo to roll out a new e-book reader model called the Clara HD with a 6-inch HD E Ink screen, according to Swapna Krishna, writing for Engadget. 

The Clara HD has the same sharpness as Kobo’s Aura One and Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite because it features the ComfortLight Pro. This technology is capable of spreading a reading light evenly across the screen and reducing blue-light exposure when the device is used at night. While it is not waterproof like the Aura One, the Clara HD has 8GB of storage that can store 6,000 ebooks and a long-lasting battery. It can also synchronize with the free Kobo app for smartphone and tablets, so one’s reading is not interrupted when using another device. 

The company is positioning the Clara HD towards those who do not want to spend a lot of money buying an e-book reader. It will likely replace the Aura Edition 2 as Kobo’s entry-level device and will be sold at almost the same price as the Kindle Paperwhite, but without the built-in ads. Another advantage of Kobo e-book readers is the ease of managing books and articles just by dragging and dropping e-pubs and CBRs similar to a USB drive.

If there is one thing that can be said against the Clara HD, it is that the power button is found at the bottom edge of the device. If the device is held by the side and bottom edges, there’s always the possibility that the power button will be grabbed by mistake and the device put to sleep.