Google Chrome 67 Update: Fixes and Improvements Finally Announced

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Google Chrome developers on a meeting. / Photo by: Rayonsho via Wikimedia Commons


The Google’s Chrome team confirmed the coming update for the Chrome browser for Linux, Mac, and Windows. It contains bug fixes, software improvements, and new features including the USB keys security support.

The Chrome version 67.0.3396.62 promises to deliver two major changes for browsing experience, according to Google. The first one is the support for the USB keys, a part of the Web Authentication security. Last month, the Web Authentication feature has been described as the next-generation security in modern browsers including Mozilla Firefox.

The feature requires USB keys instead of manual typing of passwords. A USB can be used as the primary key to access any website on a bound web browser. This is a helpful tool for those who do not wish to type passwords on many websites. While the upcoming Chrome introduces it, the classic method of inputting passwords manually was not removed. However, the security strength of Web Authentication against attackers is still under review.

The second major addition is the support for the Generic Sensor API. It is a universal model allowing applications in the web to communicate with sensors in specific devices, such as fitness trackers and VR headsets. The API enables the user to enter a virtual 3D world and move around in it by simply moving their head or wrist.

The Chrome update will also bring the Site Isolation Trial to boost the browser’s security and reduce the risks of Spectre attacks. Spectre is a vulnerability in processors discovered by Google’s Project Zero. Attackers who manage to exploit the vulnerability would be able to access sensitive information like system passwords and encryption keys in the computer. Right now, the Spectre vulnerability affects various CPU models like Intel, AMD, and ARM. The chipset makers are planning to release updates to protect eligible CPUs.