YouTube Music vs. Spotify: Showdown of the Best Music Streaming Service

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A Spotify App on a tablet. / Photo by: Maxpixel


Spotify is currently better than YouTube Music because of its ten-year headstart which enabled the Swedish music streaming service to build a loyal fan base across the globe. It is one of the best-known brands in the music industry, delivering consistent and superior music mixes to its users. It also had a decade to iron out the kinks in its operations while YouTube Music is still grappling with growing pains at this stage of its development, according to Ara Wagoner, writing for androidcentral. 

At US$ 5 a month for Spotify Premium and Hulu, Spotify is the first choice among students, and by the time their discounts end, most students have built a deep library and loyalty to Spotify that few ever decide to move to another music service. 

Despite such a big lead, Spotify’s brand power pales in comparison to YouTube, which is one of the busiest sites on the Internet. Its brand power already extends to music, as attested by the most watched music videos and viral covers by upcoming artists. But the compelling reason for subscribing to YouTube Music is YouTube Premium, which only costs US$ 2 more a month than Music Premium. For US$2 more each month, users get offline and background playback on all YouTube channels instead of just the YouTube Music content. They also do not have to watch the YouTube ads and will have access to YouTube Originals. Google Play Music is also reportedly migrating its music locker to YouTube Music, which holds more than 500,000 songs for free, and has no current rival in the market.

On the other hand, Spotify is dabbling in original content and podcasts, and has over 160 million customers with 71 million paying users. Spotify is going to be the leader in the music streaming business for a long time, even if there is strong competition from companies such as Google and YouTube Music.