Alexa and Google Assistant Coming Soon on Xbox One


An Amazon Alexa Echo Dot device. / Photo by: HeikoAL via Pixabay


The Xbox One gaming console will soon support not just Cortana but Alexa and Google Assistant as well. The news was leaked by technology news website Windows Central which provided a screenshot of an Xbox One Preferences menu that has a Digital Assistants section, according to Mark Austin, writing for Digital Trends. 

If the alleged rumor is true, it will allow Xbox One to enable the three digital assistants using a smart speaker instead of a microphone. Furthermore, Website Central described how another menu allows for the addition of various Xbox skills such as voice commands through smart speakers without having to use a microphone and a headset. Expanding the Xbox One’s capabilities is understandable, now that Microsoft has abandoned Kinect and is re-developing Cortana as a voice app for Amazon Echo and probably other connected speakers. It is still available as a digital assistant in a speaker called the Invoke, built by Harman Kardon, but will be sold exclusively in the US only.

Both Amazon and Microsoft have cooperated with each other in attaining cross-device integration for their digital assistants, and an Echo-less Alexa will soon be rolled out on future Windows 10 PCs. Also, Albert Penello, who has been the marketing lead for the Xbox One console since it was launched in 2000, is now working for Amazon. Penello said that he will be responsible for growing the Alexa/Echo presence in gaming. 

Although full voice command interaction is mere hearsay at this point in time, its rollout on the Xbox One will bring back some of the Kinect features that many Xbox owners have grown used to.