Acquisition of Weather Telematics Could Help IoT Users regarding Weather Risks


An eye of a typhoon. / Photo by: Skeeze via Pixabay


Internet of Things Inc. has completed its acquisition of the data science company Weather Telematics Inc. The acquisition is intended to improve performance and expand potential applications of IoT Inc. through the use of the weather analytics tool by Weather Telematics.

“We are thrilled to be a part of Internet of Things and to leverage the expertise and relationships that IoT Inc. and its portfolio companies have established. With the power of AI-based technologies, we can convert extremely complex datasets into useful actionable intelligence,” stated Robert Moran, CEO of Weather Telematics.

The technologies offered by Weather Telematics are designed to support new management tools for transportation. The weather analytic system is the company’s primary service. It is called the Road Hazard Alerts Weather as a Service system that identifies the risk of the weather conditions. The weather risks evaluated by the service include:

1.  Rainfall: It alerts the user about the levels of precipitation to help reduce the risk of accidents due to heavy rains.

2. Wind speed: It notifies users of light vehicles about the danger of strong winds due to extreme weather conditions.

3. Ice and winter: It informs the user regarding the precipitation levels and other dangers during the winter season.

4. Hail: Certain weather conditions include the precipitation of hail and the system dispatches relevant information about the risks of a hailstorm.

5. Lightning: During thunderstorms, the system releases an update to users about specific locations where lightning strikes are likely to occur.

6. Fog: Clear visibility is very important among drivers and the weather tool makes sure to alert users about areas where fogs disrupt visibility.

In addition to informing weather risks, the analytical tool can also be used to retrieve weather information of a larger region. This is a helpful feature for those who are planning to visit or travel to another county.