Google to Roll Out the Redesigned Gmail to All G Suite Users by July 2018

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An open Gmail account on a laptop. / Photo by: Aleksey Boldin via 123RF


Google will make available the overhauled Gmail app to all G Suite users starting next month. The revamped e-mail app will incorporate new features such as message snoozing, attachment previews, a sidebar for both Google apps like Calendar and third-party services like Trello, offline support, and self-destructing confidential messages. The new Gmail can also write emails for users through the Smart Compose feature, according to Frederic Lardinois, writing for TechCrunch. 

For instance, users who snooze an email will have the option to resurface the email later in the day, tomorrow, later in the week, the weekend or next week. Another major innovation in the new Gmail app is the confidential mode feature. This feature allows email senders to choose for how long the recipients will be able to read the email. Recipients will not be able to forward, copy and paste, download or print the content of any email in confidential mode.

By July 2018, G Suite administrators can migrate all users to the new Gmail while users can still opt to use the old Gmail for another 12 weeks. G Suite users also have the option of trying the new Gmail at their own pace or they can wait for another four weeks and just let Google sign them in on the new Gmail. 

What this means is that G Suite users can still use the old Gmail for several more months but by October 2018, it will be totally phased out by Google. After October 2018, users will have no other alternative but to use the new Gmail app. The online giant had made it clear from the start that it was just a matter of time before the new Gmail design becomes the new standard. It is fairly obvious that Google does not want to waste time or divide its user base based on the schedule that it has adopted in unveiling the new Gmail app.