New Intel Display Technology for Longer-Lasting Laptop Batteries Unveiled

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Intel's main headquarters. / Photo by: Sixflashphoto via Wikimedia Commons


It was at the 2018 Computex Show that Intel showed its Low Power Display Technology, which combines an innovative LCD display and savvy power management methods, which reduced the display’s brightness to 150 nits. The experimental LCD that Intel previewed in the trade fair consumes only 1 watt of power, according to Napier Lopez, reporting for

Intel’s radical Low Power Display Technology can increase laptop battery life by up to eight hours, depending on the task being performed. The batteries of existing ultraportable computers last up to 20 hours when doing local video playback, so Intel’s groundbreaking technology could someday lead to the development of laptop batteries that can be used for 28 hours. Most laptops have batteries that last for 12 hours. 

To prove that the Low Power Display Technology is not an empty boast, Intel incorporated the new LCD display on an off-the-shelf Dell XPS 13 laptop. Intel was able to lengthen by five hours the laptop’s claimed battery life of 20 hours. But to be able to accomplish all that, Intel used its own graphics chip rather than those made by Nvidia or AMD, which are considered to be the best in the industry. It is also worth noting that video playback is a relatively easy task for most laptops nowadays and does not consume as much power as online streaming. Just the same, a 25-percent increase in battery life is a very notable achievement. 

The Low Power Display Technology is still in the early stage of development and Intel did not give a definite time frame when laptops using the technology will become available to the public.