HiRain Joins Forces With Innoviz to Bring New LIDAR to Chinese Automakers


A SUV from China. / Photo by: Navigator84 via Wikimedia Commons


Tech provider Innoviz Technologies in Israel and product supplier HiRain Technologies in China recently formed a partnership that will allow HiRain to supply Chinese automobile makers with laser-based sensors from Innoviz.

The sensors are a part of Light Detect and Ranging system by the Israel-based company which are important components for building autonomous vehicles. Their LIDAR system provides the following functions for AVs:

- Longer sensing range of a region of interest. The sensors also capture the whole field of view at a full frame rate.

- Multi-frame mode allows long-range sensing at high frame rate while being aware of objects and obstacles at a longer distance, but at a lower frame rate.

- Advanced computer vision system enables accurate detection and classification of objects caught by sensors.

- Simultaneous and localization mapping for simultaneous generation of high-resolution 3D maps of a larger area and the local map of the environment where the vehicle is positioned.

"China is helping lead the way towards the autonomous vehicle future, and HiRain is one of the most influential companies in the Chinese automotive industry," said Omer Keilaf, CEO at Innoviz.

According to the official website of Innoviz, the company offers two LIDAR systems – InnovizPro and InnovizOne. InnovizPro is a high-performance LIDAR designed for various applications aside from automobiles, such as industrial automation and logistics. The service supports high-resolution mapping at a high frame rate, resilience against sunlight and harsh weather, and SDK development platform.

Meanwhile, InnovizOne is an automotive-grade LIDAR system. This service also provides high-resolution mapping at high FPS, resistance against sunlight and weather but a lower cost. The perception capabilities included in this service include object tracking, SLAM, lane detection, and region of interest.

Back in April, the Israel-based company signed a deal with Magna International to supply LIDAR systems to BMW.