Long-Form Video Is Coming to Instagram

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A woman logging on her Instagram account. / Photo by: Perzonseo Webbyra via Flickr


Instagram is set to unveil a feature that will allow users to upload long-form videos, including those that run for a full hour or have been recorded in the vertical format. The Facebook subsidiary has held talks with content creators and publishers to find out who might be interested in producing long-form content for its site, according to Jacob Siegal, writing for BGR. 

It is unlikely that the feature will have videos that are up to par with those of Netflix or HBO, but is geared more towards the kind made by YouTube creators. Such videos last from five to 15 minutes, have excellent image quality but have not been made with a Hollywood movie-sized production crew.  

The company will dedicate a section of its site to such videos which will have a “continue watching” option that will permit users to view longer videos in several sessions. Long-form content will also be found on the creators’ profiles near the Stories Highlights bubbles that can be accessed by users. But the section will only accept videos ready for uploading and will not allow creators to shoot nor edit their work on the site.  

The feature could be parent Facebook’s attempt to revive its ambitions in the field of video. It had found very little success with its Facebook Watch video section. The Watch section has been described as mediocre and full of unscripted reality shows and documentary clips that have not helped the social media giant. 

The exact date when Instagram will roll out the said feature remains unclear and if it will have its own tab or will be incorporated in the Explore tab.