Honda to Take on 4th Industrial Revolution with AI, Big Data, Robots

Big Data

Asimo, the humanoid robot created by Honda/ Photo By catwalker via Shutterstock


Honda is not only one of the world’s largest manufacturers of cars and motorcycles but is also one of the biggest spenders in research and development. It is allocating some of its R&D budget toward getting ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution by using AI and big data in developing not just better automobiles but also robots, according to Bernard Marr, writing for Forbes magazine. 

The company’s R&D team is now using data analytics to go over data sets to uncover insights that can be incorporated into the design of new car models. It already has more than a hundred R&D engineers who have been trained in big data analytics. Through the sensors found on its vehicles and feedback from customers, the Honda R&D team can make adjustments to the design of its automobiles. 

It has enlisted the help of IBM Watson Explorer in trying to understand the voluminous amount of customer feedback that it receives. The latter is responsible for reducing the amount of time spent in analyzing customer feedback by 80 percent.

At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, Honda previewed its New Electric Urban Vehicle concept. NeuV features the Honda Automated Network Assistant personal artificial intelligence which can adjust the music or temperature inside a car by interpreting the driver’s emotions.  

Its latest foray into robotics is dubbed the 3E (Empower, Experience, Empathy) Robotics Concept that led to the development of four robots which Honda introduced in the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show. These are 3E-A18 which understands the needs of people and can be deployed to provide assistance to humans in busy establishments such as airports and malls; 3E-B18 which can be used in transporting people, luggage or more fragile items indoors or outdoors; 3E-C18 which can carry cargo and can be operated autonomously; and 3E-D18, geared for use as a rugged off-road vehicle for carrying out mundane, time-consuming, and dangerous tasks.