Apple Sued for Defective Apple Watches


apple watch/ Photo By Twin Design via Shutterstock


A lawsuit has been filed with the US District Court for Northern California against Apple for allegedly selling defective Apple Watches. The screens of these watches are liable to get shattered, cracked or get detached from the body, sometimes only days after they were bought, the lawsuit claimed. The complainant is a certain Kenneth Sciacca, who is accusing the Cupertino-based technology giant of intentionally concealing and failing to disclose the defect, according to Seung Lee, reporting for the Mercury News. 

According to the lawsuit, it is Apple’s policy to deny that there are flaws in its watches, then it blames buyers for what it deems as "accidental damage" to these devices and refuses to honor its limited warranty based on those reasons. Because Apple is not willing to shoulder the expense of having the watches repaired or replaced, the buyers are forced to spend their own money to have the gadgets fixed or replaced with a new one. 

Sciacca bought an Apple Watch Series 2 from an authorized Apple store in Colorado Springs, Colorado in December 2016. In March 2018, the screen suddenly detached from the body after he removed the watch from its charger. The damage was caused not by a swollen battery, which is covered by warranty, but by “non-warrantable factors,” according to Apple Store employees who had examined the watch. They quoted Sciacca a US$249 repair fee which he refused. Sciacca maintained that he took care of his Apple Watch as suggested by Apple, and it neither had scratches on the screen nor damage to the body. 

He said that he is not the only who had encountered such defects but cited 16 comments found on Apple’s Communities forums made by disgruntled Apple Watch owners, who complained that the screens of their Apple Watches have fallen out. Sciacca is demanding US$ 5 million in damages from Apple and is seeking class-action status for anybody who may have bought a defective Apple Watch.