A cellphone catches fire and the owner’s car gets burned too


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An unnamed Detroit City woman is considering filing charges against Samsung, maker of the cell phones that she claims are responsible for the fire that gutted the vehicle that she was driving at that time of the accident, according to Mark Osborne, reporting for abcnews.

On May 21, 2018, while the woman was driving on Detroit’s Evergreen Avenue in her Nissan Maxima, she saw a spark and one of her phones - a Samsung Galaxy S4 and S8 she placed in the car’s cup holder - had caught fire. Things happened quickly afterward, according to the woman. The car suddenly burst in flames and people were telling her to get out of the car. She barely had time to pull over to the side of the road before the car was totally engulfed in fire. 

Firemen from the Detroit Fire Department who rushed to the scene of the incident blamed the fire on the woman’s cell phones. 

Samsung has had problems in the past with its cellphones unexpectedly burning. It recalled more than a million Galaxy Note 7 phones a month after releasing the phone to the market because of overheating batteries. For such reasons, the Note 7 was banned from all flights by the US Federal Aviation Administration in October 2016. But neither of the woman’s cellphones was a Note 7. 

Samsung said it is investigating the incident but stressed that it is standing by the quality and safety of the millions of Samsung phones used in the U.S. The Korean cell phone manufacturer added that it will examine all available evidence connected with the incident but noted that it will be impossible to determine the cause of the accident.