Fortnite Players Decry Cross Play Denial Between Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

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Fortnite game and Play station 4 controller / Photo by: Rokas Tenys via Shutterstock


Sony’s decision not to allow cross playing between its own PlayStation 4 and Nintendo’s Switch console does not sit well with Fortnite players. Many of them have expressed their dismay over Sony on the Resetera and Reddit sites. Moreover, tweets made by these gamers reveal that their frustration is starting to boil over. They are accusing Sony of being anti-consumer and further noted that it is an arrogant display of Sony’s supremacy in the gaming console market.
Although the reasons given by Sony for such a situation have been described as hostile and stupid, it makes sense from the Japanese console maker’s viewpoint, according to Nick Statt, writing for The Verge. 

Sony sees its dominance in the gaming console market as something that it should exploit, and any concession to competitors is a threat to its market leadership. To allow players from other platforms to cross play with PS4 users will weaken its gaming ecosystem. Sony sells more gaming consoles than any other company because of its huge user base. Those who plan on getting a gaming console are more likely to choose Sony if they know their friends are also using PlayStations and if it remains as the only way for users to team up with their friends on games such as Fortnite. This is also the same reason why it disallowed cross play between the PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One for such games as Fortnite, Rocket League, and Minecraft.  

For now, PS4 players cannot log on to their Epic accounts when using Switch and they will not be able to access their game progress, skins, and emotes because their Epic accounts are linked with their PlayStation Network usernames. The only option is to switch playing Fortnite on PCs which will give the freedom to play on any other platform. But even then, such alternative is not available to those who started playing Fortnite on the PS4.