iPhone X Still Functional Despite Being Submerged in River for Two Weeks


A man holding a brand new iPhone X/ Photo by: Halfpoint via Shutterstock


An iPhone X salvaged from the bottom of the river was discovered to be working perfectly even if it had spent two weeks submerged in water. The cellphone was found by diver Dallas from the Man + River YouTube channel who was exploring Arizona’s Salt River, according to the DailyMail.com Reporter. 

Dallas, who normally finds lost jewelry and sunglasses from his underwater explorations, was surprised to have come across the iPhone X at the river’s bottom and was even more surprised when the phone lit up when he connected it to a charger. Although the iPhone X is supposed to be splash, water, and dust resistant, it is not waterproof and is not covered by Apple’s warranty. 

He called the owner of the iPhone X, Alyssa King from Florida, was overjoyed when she learned that her lost phone will be returned to her. She said was devastated when she lost the iPhone X while vacationing in Arizona because it contained pictures of her newly-born daughter’s first five months, but which she did not back up. She said she was tubing down the Arizona river at that time with a friend. 

Returning lost things to their rightful owners is the best part of his job, Dallas said. He admitted that Alyssa's reaction was the best ever that he had received since he started hunting for lost items. He has posted the video of the phone’s recovery on his YouTube channel and has garnered more than half-a-million views. He is hoping that they can do a commercial for Apple touting the iPhone X’s incredible durability.