Hiring Platform Employs AI to Remove Discrimination in Application Process


Employment application forms / Photo Credit via Pixabay

In a job application process, discrimination may happen to applicants that can result in the waste of essential talents for companies. In this light, a company used artificial intelligence in screening the raw talents of applicants.

According to a 2017 meta-study from Northwestern University, Harvard University, and the Institute of Social Research in Norway, hiring prejudice against black applications has not changed in the last 25 years. In addition, a recent paper by researchers at Harvard and Stanford Universities noted that women have a low chance of advancing to the highest position of their respective fields.

To create a solution, a hiring platform based in Waterloo, Ontario -- Plum.io -- selected an AI system to decide the best applicants based on their talents rather than on skills and knowledge. Based on a review by Plum, hiring managers can generate conclusions about applications based on their names within 0.2 seconds, while the decision of the interview usually occurs within 10 seconds.

The AI-powered tool features two key functions to find potential new employees. The first one is called Match rings that allow hiring managers to compare applicants side-by-side. The second one is Talent Re-Discovery that enables the human resource staff to find a likely employee who applied for any job at the company. But the tool does not look into skills and knowledge; instead, it looks for talents or key abilities like consistency, leadership, teamwork, and work ethic.

Aside from that, the AI tool cannot translate any cover letters, curriculum vitae, keywords or even GPAs that are commonly used in traditional job screenings. The algorithms running the tool classify applications based on data points that were helped built by in-house psychology experts. The tool also utilizes a competence survey for a particular role, problem-solving trial, and personality test that revolves around adaptation, communication, diversity, and innovation talents of an applicant in the selection of a candidate.

“We’re building a consistent new dataset that helps businesses hire better-quality people. Our system finds people that never would have been discovered through a traditional hiring process,” explained Caitlin MacGregor, CEO at Plum.