Google Makes College Searching Easier

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A student searching on Google / Photo by: antb via Shutterstock


It used to be that searching for the right college was a cumbersome task given the numerous colleges to choose from. High school graduates and their parents usually have to rely not just on Google but on multiple sources to help them come up with a decision. To make college searches a lot easier, Google has rolled out a new feature in Google Search that will show pertinent information about admissions, cost, and student life in four-year colleges such as Yale or UCLA, according to Anil Ganti, writing for wccftech.  

The Overview Tab on Google Search will show the schools’ contact information and a Google Maps link. The other tabs give a detailed breakdown of the average cost for each college, graduation rates, and alumni salaries for up to ten years after graduation. There will also be additional information for enrollment rates and the number of students enrolled and a list of notable alumni. There will also be links from other schools to make a comparison among schools easier. 

Jacob Schonberg, product manager for Google, said the task of finding information on colleges can become confusing and it is not often clear what factors to consider when searching for the right college. Schonberg said the search data came from the US Department of Education’s College Scorecard and Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. The new feature will allow Google to be a clearinghouse of information during the initial college search phase.

The feature was rolled out on mobile phones and desktop computers. It loads at the top of the page on cellphones and to the right in a sidebar on desktops.