Twitter Updates Its Explore Feed

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Twitter application / Photo by: Twin Design via Shutterstock


Twitter is making some major changes to its Explore feed by introducing curated pages offering news stories on breaking news, live events, and stories. These pages will cater to users’ tastes and interests and help users find more of what is found on the site. Some of the revisions will show up on top of users’ home timelines, along with pictures and text that are designed to lure users to explore new accounts and communities. Users can expect to receive a personalized push notification from Twitter if there is an event that is happening that they are interested in, according to Dieter Bohn, writing for The Verge.  

The redesigned Explore tab will have a screen with live video at the top and a brief summary of the event. Directly below the live video section will be tweets classified into several categories. These include Recap where tweets that allow users to catch up on an event are grouped together and Latest which is a listing of the more recent tweets.

Keith Coleman, VP for products at Twitter, said the idea behind the changes is to enable the general public access to the best tweets by searching and following the right accounts. The new feature is not the same as hashtags but these will be included if needed. The content will come from tweets selected by computer algorithms and human curators and can be scrolled vertically, unlike the Moment’s swiping tweets. Coleman added that the new feature does not represent a new direction for Twitter but is more of an evolution of the path taken by the social network. 

Twitter is rolling out the new feature to coincide with the 2018 World Soccer Cup, with live video and actual updating of scores before the tweets.