Windows 10 May Soon Be Available on Pixelbook


Windows 10 / Photo by: Roshan Kumar Ray via Pexels


Google is reportedly working on getting its Pixelbook laptop certified to run Windows 10 based on a scoop by XDA Developers. The rumor has gained support after Chrome OS developers made references to the AltOS codeword in their documentation, together with Windows Hardware Certification Kit (WHCK) and Windows Hardware Lab Kit, according to Rob LeFebvre, reporting for Engadget.

The online search giant is hoping that it will sell more Pixelbooks by having it certified for Windows 10 and it would be a big help for users who want native apps that do not run on the Internet. Although the prospect of getting the Pixelbook Windows-certified sounds exciting, it appears to be a gamble on Google’s part. Windows 10 demands a lot more from CPUs than the Chrome OS and may not be the perfect match for the low-power Core i5 Y series processors that Google chose for the Pixelbook. Furthermore, the Pixelbook does not have the requisite fans and running Windows 10 on it could make it prone to overheating.  

The Pixelbook is a device that is perceived to be anti-Windows after Google decided to create a Windows alternative that is heavily dependent on web-based apps running on the Chrome OS, a lightweight operating system that offers faster performance, higher security, and cheaper devices. But the imminent arrival of the Windows 10 on Pixelbook is not really a big surprise anymore, considering that Intel and AMD have joined forces to produce all-in-one chips and Radeon and Nvidia products can be found together in some laptops.

Nevertheless, Pixelbook gaining Windows certification comes a surprise just the same because Google and Microsoft are major rivals. Chrome OS devices reign supreme in the education market while Microsoft lords over the PC category. Google launched the Pixelbook in October 2017 as a top-of-the-line Chromebook with either a 7th-generation Intel Core i5 or i7 as the processor.