PUBG Denies Game Maps Are “Asset Flips”

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PUBG game / Photo Credit via Flickr


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds denied accusations that its maps are mere “asset flips” lifted from its online asset store. Asset flips are items such as characters, structures, and environmental effects that are used by developers in creating new maps or environments for video games. The controversy arose after some PUBG players posted on Reddit that they have found items on the Unreal asset store that were very similar to those that were being used in the game, according to Emily Hobbs, writing for DualShockers. 

In reply to such allegations, PUBG communications lead Ryan Rigney posted his own comments on Reddit informing players that asset store work is the only sure-fire way of developing a game and finding out if it is fun to play at a reasonable cost. Rigney said that recruiting 40 people to test if a game is fun to play is simply not a smart thing to do. He pointed out that PUBG’s first map (Erangel) was done through a mixture of in-house work at their main office in South Korea, assets directly bought from online stores and artwork subcontracted to an American company which erected the military base on Erangel. 

The quality of the work done by the American company so impressed PUBG that it decided to put up a new studio in Madison, Wisconsin. PUBG is gradually but surely building up its team to make sure that it is hiring the right people that will support the long-term growth of PUBG, Rigney claimed. He stressed that their art teams were less reliant on store-bought items when they were making Miramar but some items from Erangel were reused on Miramar. Majority of the in-house assets on Miramar were adjusted by their experts for visual appeal and improved performance, Rigney added.

Since PUBG is intent on expanding its internal art teams, its fourth map, which will make its debut on the game in late 2018, will use lesser store assets than the previous maps.