Roku to Roll Out Video Subscription Marketplace Similar to Amazon Channels


Roku's XDS player with remote. / Photo by: Mattnad via Wikimedia Commons


Roku is all set to roll out a video subscription marketplace that will give users the convenience of signing up and watching subscription services without having to download several apps on their Roku devices. If the company’s plans come to fruition, it will follow a path made first by Amazon which offers Amazon Channels on Fire TV devices, according to Janko Roettgers, writing for Variety Magazine.

Currently, the company is offering its customers subscription services such as HBO Now and CBS All Access from its channel store. Those who would like to avail of such services must download a dedicated app on their Roku device and sign up through their TV sets or from the service provider’s website. What Roku plans to do is to put all the paid services together on the same channel to make it easier for customers to subscribe and view premium content without having to launch multiple apps. The company is also revising its billing platform to simplify the process of paying for such services.

The planned service can be described as a copycat of Amazon Channels, which gives Prime members the advantage of signing up in over 235 video subscription services through their Fire TV devices. The paid content will not be available on a separate app but will be shown right next to Amazon’s Prime Video catalog. The ease of using the Amazon Channels is the reason why Amazon has a significant presence in the a la carte subscription business. More than 50 percent of all online HBO subscriptions are sold via Amazon Channels, outpacing other resellers such as Google and Apple