Boston-based Company Approved for City-Wide Testing of Self-Driving Vehicles


nuTonomy's Self-driving car. / Photo by: nuTonomy via Wikimedia Commons


For over a year, nuTonomy has been testing their autonomous vehicles in the Seaport District in Boston, Massachusetts, without incurring any incident. The result is the approval of the city mayor for the company to support the mobility needs of residents.

nuTonomy is only four years old and has been focused on developing software for self-driving cars. During its 18-month testing course in Boston, the AVs already covered about 600 miles in the urban areas and no accident has been associated with their vehicles. Now, the company is encouraged by the city mayor to help improve the mobility of residents with AVs.

"Continuing to test autonomous vehicles in a careful and methodical manner represents another step forward in helping us to achieve the vision for improved mobility that was established by residents during the Go Boston 2030 Transportation Plan public process," stated Mayor Marty Walsh.

AVs under nuTonomy are run by nuCore, a scalable, full-stack software designed for automated driving. The software features a modular system for mapping, perception, complex control, and decision-making needed by self-driving cars in an urban setting. Since it is modular, it can be integrated into a wider variety of vehicles, sensors, and ride-hailing applications.

In addition to testing their AVs in Boston, the company also performed an extensive testing in Singapore. Delphi, an international auto parts supplier, acquired the software offered by nuTonomy. But the Boston-based company will remain an independent entity that allows its partnership with Lyft to continue. Lyft is a ride-hailing company that worked with the two passenger tests in Boston which did not include a human driver.

So far, there is no specific date when nuTonomy will begin its city-wide testing since they still need to map different areas for their AVs. There is no information as well if the city-wide testing will include Lyft.