Microsoft to Acquire Bonsai’s Deep Reinforcement Learning AI Platform


Microsoft's Finland office. / Photo by: Cryonic07 via Wikimedia Commons


Microsoft announced its intent to buy the AI startup company, Bonsai. The tech giant is planning to make the startup the center of its AI development.

The growth of artificial intelligence and autonomous systems are expected to rise up to 800 million in operations by the year 2025. But that growth requires training to make sure the systems will work efficiently and safely. While standard machine learning methods can teach AI systems, a combination of deep learning and training simulations is likely to produce better systems.

“Today we are excited to take another major step forward in our vision to make it easier for developers and subject matter experts to build the “brains” -- machine learning model for autonomous systems of all kinds with the signing of an agreement to acquire Bonsai,” stated Gurdeep Pall, corporate vice president of Business AI at Microsoft.

Bonsai specializes in the Deep Reinforcement Learning platform to build and train AI computer systems. The platform has a programming scheme that allows developers, data scientists, and subject matter experts to input information in AI models to speed up development. It also enables enterprises to integrated existing AI investments, such as assets and models, in building better AI systems. Moreover, the Bonsai platform has tools to permit users to program, run, and deploy AI models without the need for other tools to complete the different processing stages of the deep learning system.

Bonsai Platform is applicable to several industries including energy to improve quality control, manufacturing to reduce scrap, supply chain to enhance forecast, automotive to enable intelligent vehicle response, and HVAC systems to decrease energy costs.

“To realize this vision of making AI more accessible and valuable for all, we have to remove the barriers to development, empowering every developer, regardless of machine learning expertise, to be an AI developer,” Pall added.